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Homecoming At Last . . .

As a Senior graduating in the Spring Semester, this is actually my last undergraduate homecoming celebration. WOW! You can only imagine how bittersweet this moment is for me. As I sit here and reflect about the last homecomings, I have chills and I am honestly fighting back tears...
I have participated in every homecoming tradition throughout my years here at South and of course, this year has been no different! Junk the Jungle, Fun fest, the Parade and Pep Rally, and the NPHC Greek Homecoming Step Show, are only a small portion of the list of the traditions and  events that take place on campus for Homecoming Festivities! We can't forget about  the best JagCity tailgate of the season and the biggest attended game of the year, the Homecoming Game! There is nothing like being a part of something that is bigger than you, and that is what homecoming is all about. The theme this year is Roaring Through the Decades! We are celebrating 54 years of traditions and principles. Check out…

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