College Preparation: What Should Seniors Be Doing?


I know you probably think it's a little late to be preparing for college. Everyone may be telling you that your mind should be made up, but trust me, I've been where you are and I know how much of a struggle it is to come up with a decision. Don't let them influence or rush your decision. Take your time. This is your last year of high school and you deserve to enjoy it. However, there are a couple of things you could be doing to get prepared, regardless of where you may choose to go.

You should be tour college campuses every opportunity you get. Go to whatever universities you think you'd like to attend and make sure that those are the perfect fit for you. Choosing South was a difficult decision for me and I don't believe I would have made the same choice if I had not decided to visit all the universities that I had in mind. It sounds like a lot to do, but you will find that it will be most beneficial to you. Have fun with it as well, make weekend trips out of the tours with your families and/or friends.

Take the ACT as many times as you can. don't settle with a score just because you are tired of the test. You never know, you score could increase with just a little more studying and a little more practice. Never give up, because after all, that score will determine a lot for you for the next four years.

The final advice I have for you is to simple have fun and enjoy this last semester of high school. Make the best of it and spend as much time as you can with you family, friends, and your classmates. Make memories that you will be able to carry with you. It's a tough transition for some people and I believe if you make it a priority to spend time and make those memories, it will be much smoother.

I hope you found some enlightenment from my words. Have a great week, and Go Jags!


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