So what's the TEA when it comes to life in college? Get a cup and let me pour up!

  • #WaffleHouseRocks - South Alabama student's get discounts at the Waffle House located on Old Shell Rd. You can get an All Star Meal for like $7. This is definitely a go to meal when you're up late or early studying for a huge test! & to top it off the staff at this particular Waffle House is great!
  • #WeatherIsUnpredictable - Wake up in the morning to beautiful sunshiny weather, go to class for an hour and come out and it's pouring down rain! Carry an umbrella or raincoat with you EVERYDAY. You will likely need it more often than not!
  • #CatchTheTranEarly - The JagTran's are truly a great asset to have on campus, the problem is that many people think they can walk out of their dorm 10 minutes before class starts and make it on time. It simply does not work like that. be there at least 20 to 25 minutes early if you plan to arrive to class on time.
  • #UseYourResources - South Alabama student's have so many resources that are vital to success, the issue here is that student's don't utilize them enough! JagSuccess, The Writing Lab & Counseling and Testing Services are just to name a few!
  • #StartYourDayRight - Get a good alarm clock! Get a coffee maker. Oh, you don't drink coffee, you soon will! Finding you some type of daily encouragement to jumpstart your day. You will need it!

There are so many things you will learn as a college student along the way. I am a junior and I am still learning til this very day, get you a list of hacks going to leave for the next incoming freshmen. You'll be proud that you did!

I hope you enjoyed TEA time for today! Until Next Time!

- Trey Ruffin Johnson


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